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The Grand Mercedes
In the great tradition of the world's oldest, most experienced manufacturer of fine motorcars, the Grand Mercedes will establish new and higher standards than ever in automotive engineering and excellence. Peerless in performance, this noble car incorporates every conceivable feature important to passenger comfort and safety. It is the ultimate automobile in luxury, elegance and technical perfection, designed for the elite among the world's most discriminating and influential people.

600 Sales Literature

Early Brochure (1964 - 1968)
Mercedes-Benz 600 Sales Brochure
Photos and introduction to 'The Grand Mercedes.'
The Interior
Interior description with photos of passenger compartment options.
Command and Control
Ventilation system, lighting, the Press-button system and control options.
Storage and Luggage
Description and photos of storage compartments and optional luggage.
Safety and Comfort
Description of technical advances in safety and comfort. Photos and graphics of the engine, power train, differential and suspension.
Brochure Insert
Early 600 insert with introduction and specification.
Specifications and Basic Equipment
Mercedes-Benz 600 Sedan (5-6) Passengers
Specifications and Basic Equipment
Mercedes-Benz 600 Seven Passenger Limousine

New Generation Brochure (1969 - 1972)
Mercedes-Benz 600 Sales Brochure
Photo and text explaining the car is Safe, Reliable, Comfortable, Fast and Enduring in Value.
Profile photo, list of Basic Equipment and Optional Extras.
Interior photographs.
Technical Features
Photographs of engine, transmission, brakes, rear axle, etc.
Specifications and Basic Equipment
Mercedes-Benz 600 Sedan (5-6) Passengers
Specifications and Basic Equipment
Mercedes-Benz 600 Seven Passenger Limousine

Mercedes-Benz of Canada, Ltd. Brochure Exerpts (French)
1967 Mercedes-Benz 600
Photo and text for the Mercedes-Benz 600 from the 1967 product line.
1971 Model 600
Photo and text for the model 600 from the 1971 product line.


Der Grosse Mercedes - 600
A comprehensive, illustrated volume on the series 600 Mercedes. This link contains a summary of the book and ordering information.

Model 600 (1963-1981)
Mercedes-Benz Production Models Book by W. Robert Nitske.

Magazine Articles

ROAD & TRACK - July 1965
Mercedes 600 Road Test
They don't get much bigger - or better- than the new 600 from Daimler-Benz AG.

POPULAR SCIENCE - February 1967
If I Had a Million Dollars... I'd Buy A Mercedes 600
Popular Science Automotive Editor Jan P. Norbye describes his experience after driving 2,500 miles in a Mercedes-Benz 600.

THE STAR - January/February 1997
Cross-Country in a 600
Karl Middelhauve's story of a cross-country trip to StarFest '96 in a 600.

Actor drove 1970 Mercedes-Benz 600 dream car during rallies
Vern Parker's article about a retired U.S. Army Colonel that has finally purchased his dream car - a 1970 Type 600 previously rallied by actor William Holden.

Best Saloons Ever
Best Luxury - The Mercedes-Benz 600 was voted best luxury saloon. Obvious, really.

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